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  • Magic mist on the
  • Boyd's Cove
  • Boyd's
Cove 2
  • Calm in the harbour
  • Calm down by the lake
  • Summer sunrise at Cape Spear
  • Cabot Tower at Signal Hill hiding a
full moon
  • Conception Bay
  • Cold  Duck
  • Beautiful
Conception Harbour
  • Cruise ship in the capital at night
  • Daffodils soaking up the sun
  • Fall dogberries and reflected sunset
  • Quaint evening at Quidi-Vidi
  • Fall in
the Waterford Valley, St. John's
  • The Signal Hill fox
under a full moon trance
  • Even foxes love a full moon
  • Iceberg
jumping - do not try this at home
  • Quidi Vidi sunrise and icebergs in the harbour
  • Lovely iceberg in Torbay 2014
  • Festival of lanterns
  • Wild lupines on roadside
  • When ocean
and shores collide
  • Conception Harbour in the evening
  • Natural silhouette of Broad Cove and Flat Islands
  • Peony after the rain
  • Sailors from Quidi Vidi take warning
  • This sailor delights in the
blazing sunlights
  • Pouch Cove icebergs
  • Pouch Cove slipway and bergy bits
  • Rushoon
mirrored on its harbour
  • Shaun and
  • Comedian Shawn Majumder
breaks from berg watching
  • Swirlpool
  • A tall ship sails out of town
  • Tall ship saying so long to admirers at
the waterfront
  • The Signal Hill fox trot
  • Spring
  • Tide up for the evening
  • A beautiful fog
  • Blazing sunrise and big surf at Cape
  • St.
Anne's Church in Conception Hr.
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